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News That Matters Not (NTMN) is a news satire and social commentary website based in India. A popular voice for the Indian youth, , it is known to publish sarcasm, criticism, satire and the like, usually in the form of humorous news parody. It targets the media, politics, life and society among other entities of the world.

What we deliver

“Making the Reader Think Along As They Get Amused.”
“Inspiring Change Through Humour.”
Frequent articles featuring satire, slick humour, opinion, commentary, parody. Other content: One-liners evoking thought and humour, visual work such as picture stories, cartoons and videos featuring similar genres. News Parody: This is the major feature of NTMN. It consists of imagined stories written as news reports, featuring satire on recent events in the society, politics, media, etc. (a) Based on recent news events, can be used to bring to light what could have been avoided, or to highlight a shortcoming or weird aspect of our society or system. Sometimes merely with an intention to satirize the events in question in a creative manner. (b) Can be based on imagined situations from daily life events, which can cause humour, which one can relate to and find possible, and is a joke on sections in the society as well. Opinion: These are somewhat serious articles, based on recent events in the news, which can be labelled as the author’s opinion on the topic, or satirical social commentary on general topics. The Back Page: It is everything that doesn’t relate to the news. May contain articles ranging from dark humour to recreational humour. Visuals: Contain Picture Stories and Videos.

Who we deliver

The youth, and other various components of the society who have a penchant for reading purposeful and critical satire.

Why is the project unique?

NTMN is unique, as compared to competitors, in terms of variety. It has taken news satire beyond just fake news. Not just parody, our articles feature general serious opinion at times. Also, it is arguably one of the most popular writing platforms for the youth in India. It has provided an internship program which featured dedicated training in writing and editing as well, on an individual basis. In October 2010, NTMN became the first news satire site in English to feature Hindi articles. This trend was later emulated by other competitors. The most unique aspect is that NTMN is a work by students, and student readers are able to identify this easily, thus establishing the connect.


1. Rendering popular articles to the mainstream print media on a regular basis. 2. A monthly magazine for the people who don’t use internet or don’t prefer reading online. We also plan to provide an online version of this magazine for net-savvy people at a lower price than print version. This will contribute to saving paper. 3. We have got an impressive pool of young talented writers, each with their own unique style and capability. We intend to employ and harness the same, and write a novel which would be a contribution by the team. This novel, written by multiple writers, will be different from our take on current events and the above-mentioned magazine. 4. Long-term: A full-fledged newspaper, video content for internet through a YouTube channel. 5. Short-term: Tie up with a reputed daily to write a weekly satire supplement for them.


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