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Our web portal ( connects myriad car rental and taxi operators, retail customers, SME and Corporate Customers, Hotels, Service Apartments, Airlines and travel agents. It displays pricing and availability information of car rentals and taxi services and enables customers to book a car rental service online across 75 cities in India with a 4 hour lead time. This car rental distribution system will enable dynamic availability information, facilitate travel bookings in real time and help the myriad car rental operators connect with their customers in real time.

 What we deliver

Pricing and availability of various types of car rental services and operators in 75 cities in India. A customer who is used to booking a flight ticket, train ticket or bus ticket online can also book a car rental/taxi online.

 Whom we deliver

Retail customers, SME customers, Corporate, Travel Agents and Operators themselves.

Why is the project unique?

We are pioneering the concept of an online car rental distribution system. The key challenges are in terms of aggregating thousands of car rental suppliers on the one hand and showcasing their inventory on a dynamic basis to retail customers, travel agents, SME and Corporate customers, hotels, etc. Since there are thousands of travel agents, corporates and car rental operators, a dedicated feet on street model is required to build and maintain relationships.


Our vision is to simplify personal mobility. After roti, kapda and makaan, mobility is the next key essential requirement of any individual and we exist to simplify the same.


Ashok Ananthakrishnan

Archaea Mobility Services Pvt Ltd

152, 1st Floor, 16th Main, 4th T Block, Jayanagar

Bangalore, Karnataka, India



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