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“Operation Wanni” is a 3D Sinhala PC game based on the war against LTTE terrorist which took place in Sri Lanka. In this game, the player has to play as a soldier of the special force to destroy the terrorists. The game will provide the player a realistic experience of a frontline special force solider. This PC game is distributed free. This game will continue as a series and more editions under ‘Operation Wanni’ will be released in the future.

What we deliver

The feeling of a soldier who fights for his motherland and its people and the feeling of a solider of frontline.

Why is the project unique?

There was a ‘commercial’ pc game based on LTTE and war which was released to the market, few years ago. However, it was a game with only bunker missions and low graphics. But in this Operation Wanni, player have variety of environments [example :- a village with tropical environment of northern province with burned up houses , hospitals , houses .. ].So I think this is unique because there is no any other game which will give the player a realistic gameplay on Sri Lankan army, LTTE terrorists and its unique background. And also this game consists of graphics similar to an international shooter game. And also its Full version, fixes, updates and very other game related things are distributed freely. And also, this is the World’s 2nd game based on Sri Lankan army.

Whom we deliver

This First person shooter game provides the interactivity which will be provided by any other commercial computer game. Easy and quick understandable user interface.


I think more and more Digital content must be more used in our educational system. New software related to education must be introduced to school system. As an example, a software that will illustrate a chemistry practical. With new software like these, students will be more and more interested on them. And also they will get an entertainment too , we can program a simple game , when we play it and get though a safe point , a tip or small note on a physics fact will be shown , and the game will be continue , and at a point , that fact will be asked and if the player must continue , he/she must answer correctly . with things like these , we can make a different. And also , every school must have internet [ with a content blocking firewall ] and students must be instructed on how we can make advantages of it, These things must taught in friendly manner so they will start to understand the good and bad. Parents must have a basic knowledge on computing and internet of they want their children on track. So , it is their responsibility to learn it and governments and media’s responsibility to make them learn. There must be competitions on software development in school level and children should be encouraged by giving presents.


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