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Remote user content retrieval from a lost/stolen device is a proposed extension, as a service, in the OMA (Open Mobile Alliance) Lock and Wipe functionality specification. The goal of this set of specification is to define Lock and Wipe functionalities to protect user date on the mobile devices. This is a related set of specification to the OMA DM (Device Management) Protocol. The project mainly proposes to achieve following – 1. Implementation of OMA DM compliant DM client software for mobile device. 2. Adding extensions to this client for custom services that could be offered by the mobile service operator. 3. To provide functionality to initiate the backup of user-data, like contacts, user data files etc, after locking the device but before wiping the data.

What we deliver

With this initiative we would be in a position to provide services to Mobile device OEMs to integrate OMA compliant DM client application into their mobile devices. This in turn could help achieve a standard device management mechanism to be enabled across various devices with less dependency on proprietary mechanisms that, usually, inhibits adoption of device management systems.

 Whom we deliver

Though Aricent group is providing services to leading Mobile OEM’s like HTC, Samsung etc, but the proposed project hasn’t yet been implemented for any of the clients that we have.


The connected world is a phenomenon that’s sweeping across the entire globe. Today we, the people are already witnessing the virtues of connected world and at the rate that we’ve never seen before. The growth has been tremendous in recent years and thanks to the increasing power of the mobile technologies that the technology frontiers are bringing to us. This has been made possible because few of these technology frontiers have envisioned and shared with passion to create a huge network, spanning across the world, to provide people an opportunity to stay connected with their family, friends, associates and latest information. The world’s now converging even faster dissolving boundaries that existed before because of various reasons like distance, lack of faster and easier means to communicate. Latest trends of mobile technologies have allowed people to provide distant education programs, quick medicare services, to reach our loved ones faster over mobile phones and going forward may even play a role in providing people to choose their leader in a transparent manner. Within India we are witnessing a very fast growth of mobile connection activations. This opens up plethora of opportunities for governments, administrative departments, and various civil bodies to address larger group of people to lend a helping hand or educating people about ongoing programs in country to help citizen of the country in various aspects. To provide some examples we can think of few scenarios like providing information about latest fertilizers to farmers over mobile phones. This could be achieved with the help of mobile carriers sending Channel Broadcast messages. This program could be initiated by respective state governments. Similarly a weather forecasting system, or advance warning system for natural disasters could notify of local fishermen to stay away from shores by again sending Channel Broadcast messages. Mobile phones and various other mobile technology access devices are increasingly becoming a common and a necessary part of our lives. This could be a big boon for people of the country to stay in touch with current happenings. While citizen continue to experience latest of mobile technologies this has also become important for government bodies to educate its citizen of how to effectively use the technology for citizen’s betterment. Also they could initiate steps to standardize the way social awareness and responsibilities could be shared across to various section of society over these new era communication wonder – the mobile devices. They can achieve lot more than what they are currently achieving.


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