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Panini Keypad (patent pending) is a new Texting Technology that predicts letters as you type. This technology has been developed by Luna Ergonomics, India. It is based on the statistical nature of a language and is dictionary less. Along with a user interface innovation of dynamic key assignment, it offers a terrific advantage of single keystroke typing on limited keypad devices like the mobile phone. It offers a smoother typing experience to the user. Being without a dictionary it is also very lightweight and can be implemented with low complexity and very little demands. In any language, words that are used fall within a narrow spectrum of popular phonemes and syllables extant. Panini Keypad uses this insight to make a prediction about the limited, valid and the most likely alphabets one is likely to type next based on what he/she have typed just before and is armed with the statistical information on the nature of the overall language and usage. Panini Keypad then allows you to choose from the list of predictions it has made from the screen using the numeric keypad using a single keystroke, instead of multitap or some other disambiguation. In this patent pending model, there are no keys mapped permanently to the keypad. Any character can be assigned to any key and this is done dynamically all the time. But this also results in any character being always typed with a single keystroke. Also one don’t need to look for the alphabets on the keypad and the screen at the same time. At any point of time, a key on the keypad represents only one character of the alphabet. Hence Panini Keypad is an unambiguous keypad scheme. Panini Keypad does not need any alphabets printed on the numeric keypad. Therefore it can support any number of languages on the same phone by just making a mode change or a software change. This product supports Indian languages which includes following: • Hindi • Bengali • Telugu • Marathi • Tamil • Gujarati • Kannada • Malayalam • Oriya (only web version) • Punjabi • Assamese (only web version) It is very easy to learn and teach this system. Only two rules needs to be followed along with Single Keystroke typing: 1. If the character you want is on the list, press the key indicated. 2. If its not on the list, press the Next list key. Features: • Statistical Predictive Texting : Dictionaryless • Single keypress typing always. • No multitap, no chording, No mode change, no disambiguation. • Easy to learn and operate, even for the aged. • Is the fastest input system ascertained through trials. • Ergonomic to the thumb with several options. • Support for multiple language on the same keypad. • Equal ease for non dictionary words. • Operate without glasses or in darkness. • Improves spelling habits. • Smooth seamless typing experience. • Touchscreen ready. Panini Keypad also offers compression of your SMS for the first time. You can compose a message and then choose to compress the message before transmission. This allows you to pack in more text into your standard SMS length for the same cost. The decompressed message is displayed automatically at the other end. The compressed format also offers confidentiality during transmission of your messages. This product also supports foreign languages which includes following languages: • English • Spanish • Arabic • Portuguese • French • Swahili • Hebrew • Suomi Kieli • Russian Currently work is under progress for CJK languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean). Transliteration: Transliteration is also supported on Panini Keypad. Transliteration between all Indian languages. It also supports a pan-India vector script called ‘Shiva’. Transliteration is also offered after receiving messages. SMS Compression: Panini Keypad offers an option to compress SMS and increase the Payload of Standard SMS by 300% for Indian Languages. It is usually more than 200 characters. The communication is secure as it is in encrypted form. It is the world’s first onphone SMS Compression Technique.

What we deliver?

The technologies offer the means for a user to type in all regional languages of India on the phone, PC, web, IPTV, STB and other digital interfaces.

Why is the project unique?

Yes, our idea and product is unique. It is first of its kind multi- lingual dictionaryless texting service which does not require printed keypads for various languages support. People other than English knowing generation can also avail the benefits of the mobile revolutionary technologies.


Luna Ergonomics Pvt. Ltd.
Major Abhijit Bhatcharjee
Uttar Pradesh India

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