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Parishkaram was conceived with the aim to enable better governance at the district level. It aims to address the inability of citizens from remote corners of the district by using ICTs to submit grievances and create a mechanism of faster redressal for district government department lapses in delivery of services. It empowers the citizen with direct access to report directly to the district administration and register complaints without having to travel to the district headquarters and physically submit complaints waiting in long queues. It further aims to enable the district collector have direct link with the citizen and have more accurate real-time reports and analytics to enable better governance at the district level.

What we deliver

A quicker redressal for rural citizen complaints for better services from district departments.

 Whom we deliver

It uses mobile phones to allow the rural citizen to record their grievances through a voice complaint. It provides feedback and ensures time based response to their grievances.

 Why is the project unique?

All though there have been other initiates using ICTs to address citizen services, parishkaram focuses on the rural citizens access primarily. It is unique in the sense that it keeps the whole low as simple as possible yet tries to deliver to all the needs of the stakeholders namely – the rural citizen, the district departments and the collector.


In eGovernance it enables good governance at the district level which will have greater impact rather than large scale national initiatives. It is more cost effective. The combination of web applications and mobile technology will in the future create a better environment for creative content for citizens.


Suresh Kumar

District Collectors office Medak

District Collectriate Sangareddy, Medak

Andhra Pradesh, India


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