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Today, a customer consumes content through any format (books, audio, video etc) and through any device (phones, tablets, PCs, TVs). Penguin India aims to reach out to its customers though this application who is at the end of these devices. The Application will be a tool that provides all relevant information to Penguin book lovers. Information like new releases, best sellers, author profiles, Penguin Classics, Puffin, Business Class, podcasts etc. The users will also receive a sample book every week/fortnight. The sample book can be a best seller, forth coming book, new release etc that will ensure stickiness. The main aim is to communicate personally with the users through this application. As we move along, the application will be made available on all devices including TVs.

What do we deliver?

We deliver both content and service through this app. Penguin India being India largest English language content provider, we provide excerpts latest books, podcasts, book information, event news etc on the App. The idea is that, the users can constantly engage themselves through this app by consuming content. The app also provides the service of information dissemination. The app is primarily a virtual bookstore, where the users can browse for new releases, best sellers and forthcoming titles.

Whom we deliver?

The application users are avid readers, authors, writers etc, who constantly consume information through their handsets, tablets and other devices. Highly educated, they are savvy in understanding and using various features of a smart phone. There are more than 5000 users on iTunes and more than 1700 users on Ovi store.

How is the project unique?

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The roadmap for this project is to build the app on android and BB. Enhance the features of the app, so that the users can listen to audio books, buy and download eBooks, play games, make in-app purchases and buy copies of physical books. From an engagement point of view, we want the user to be close to the authors, and hence are looking to bridge this gap through the app. Author chat sessions, author bios, author videos etc will keep the users engaged. Our long term vision is make this app the go-to destination for all book lovers!!..


Penguin Books India Pvt Ltd.
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