Providing sustainable livelihoods to the underprivileged residing in the remotest villages of India

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Jaipur Rugs has developed a unique social entrepreneurship model using Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The company integrated and implemented Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), R&D technologies for product development, and IT infrastructure to streamline operations and productions. They have connected the entire supply chain from yarn production to delivering of products, which has generated employment for 40000 grassroots level people! Jaipur Rugs has developed a great value chain through establishing links from grassroots level people in India to the retailers of the floor-covering products in 20 countries by integrating and optimizing utilization of various technologies. It has used the ICT for following aspects or their inculcation in the value chain: a) Re-engineering of our production processes as per international standards, b) Quality check, monitoring and recording at every stage, c) Live entry from remote areas, which is not common in handicraft sector, d) Recording of data and its analysis at every level, e) Extensive web presence, f) Specific root plan to monitor the quality, g) Documentation, h) Better planning for providing sustainable livelihood opportunities through carpet production processes, i) R&D and product development, j) Analytical study of every process, k) Strategically managed supply chain.

What we deliver

We could see the substantial impact of ICT usage on what Jaipur Rugs makes, how it makes and why it makes. 1) What it makes the widest, newest and most exquisite range of handmade carpets 2) How it makes a) Standardizing and reinventing the process cycle comprises of over 75 processes and b) Setting up in-house R&D department for design, colour and texture development 3) Why it makes a) to offer the globe – the ultimate luxury of a carpet world b) to change the lives of grassroots level people

Whom we deliver

At present, we have around 300 customers in over 20 countries.

How is the project unique?

We are connecting the remotest areas of India with the most developed places in US and Europe through the excellence of carpet weaving. The very essence of our value chain is what the poorest of the poor weave the richest of the rich use it to influence their lifestyle.


To develop the one of its kind social entrepreneurship model which can alleviate poverty, JRCPL is concentrating on following initiatives: Reengineering of our production processes as per international standards Making the production processes of hand-knotted carpets completely meant for grassroots level people. Quality check, monitoring and recording at every stage Implementation and customization of ERP; and facilitation of live entry from remote areas, which is not common in handicraft sector Taking initiative for inducing Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) throughout the supply chain Identification, skill development and up-gradation of target beneficiaries by Jaipur Rugs Foundation R&D and product development Strategically managed value chain


Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited (JRCPL)
Nand Kishore Chaudhary
G-250, Mansarovar Industrial Area Jaipur Rajasthan – 302020
URL/Website –

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