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Punarbhava ( is a comprehensive Internet web portal providing all the related information regarding different disabilities and rehabilitation at one place. It was launched by RCI in collaboration with Media Lab Asia, in the year 2008. Since then Punarbhava is actively involved in participative and collaborative network. It is designed to increase understanding of scientific research and knowledge about Disability and Rehabilitation. The accessible format of the site helps in increasing wide dissemination of information on National and International significance. The Web Portal Punarbhava being a reservoir of information and is an accessible medium of education and dissemination of information bridges the gap between Policy makers, Researchers, Professionals, Academicians, Persons with Disabilities and their Parents.

What we deliver

Punarbhava is a web portal therefore it has uploads on various disability related areas. It has information on disability register, legal instrument, resource material on disability and rehabilitation an, assistive devices detail, news and events upload.

Whom we deliver

The Web Portal Punarbhava being a reservoir of information and is an accessible medium of education and dissemination of information , provides a link between Policy makers, Researchers, Professionals, Organizations and institutes for disabilities and rehabilitation, Academicians, Persons with Disabilities and their Parents. Its accessible medium is designed for persons with disabilities

Why is the project unique?

Project is unique in its conception, projection and vast implication in the area of disability and rehabilitation. Any information on disability and rehabilitation is just a click away at Punarbhava. Punarbhava is a web portal of Rehabilitation Council of India, a statutory body set up by an act of Parliament under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Government of India. RCI has been entrusted with the task of regulating training policies and programmes, standardization and development of training courses, recognition of institutions and courses, promotion of research, collection and dissemination of information. Punarbhava’s objectives include involving all the sections of the society which will directly and indirectly help millions of persons with disabilities and people associated with them to make their dream come. It is unique in its approach as it involves people from various sectors to participate and work hand in hand for the people with disabilities and provide information on disability rehabilitation in a very systematic and detail manner.


The long term vision includes Continuous efforts of Punarbhva for updated best presentation of the content for the benefit of the persons with disability & community. With two powerful communication mediums i.e. Satellite & Internet no part of the country will be left out. All such schools in India and abroad, having computer-based system will be able to access repository of text/audio/multimedia for their education. Through networking teaching can be reached even to small groups of persons with disability at remotest part in the country. In future Punarbhava is going to be used for teaching-learning process and. The data bank of NGO and other institutions will be an easy answer to the search of services in a specific location.


Dr.J.P.Singh , Member Secretary at RCI and Dr. G.V. Ramaraju, MD & CEO, Media Lab Asia .

Rehabilitation council of India and Media lab Asia

Rehabilitation Council of India B-22, Qutab Institutional Area New Delhi And Media lab Asia, 708-723, 7th Floor, Devika Tower

6 Nehru Place, New Delhi, India


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