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“Punarjjani” is an ICT based assessment tool for MR (mentally retarded) children. Maintaining detailed assessment and programming records for each MR child manually is a time consuming and cumbersome task. The special teachers are required to dedicate a good amount of their time for this purpose. Also, analysis of the records of the children is highly complex and time consuming. Hence, software, which aids the teachers for the progress assessment and evaluation of the MR children and analysis of the results, is very useful for the teachers as well as the MR children. The software is capable of generating required graphs and charts on the progress of each child based on the input data provided by the specialist teachers. As almost all special schools follow the same curriculum, a uniform evaluation system and monitoring has been developed and used. This is of immense help not only in tracking the education and rehabilitation of these children but also helps the special educators and other professionals to systematically document the data.

What we deliver

The schools can keep record of each child up to 18 years of his/her age. The record is kept confidential. Once hosted through Internet, data can be accessed anytime throughout the country through secure authentication.

Whom we deliver

The teachers can add, edit initial details and details about successive progress of each child anytime. The tool suggests level and lesson plans for each child based up on input data. The teachers have right to accept/reject the suggestions. The teachers can also add their own lesson plans in addition to standard lesson plans.

Why is the project unique?

Similar type of products are available in foreign. But in India, no any other initiative is known. • Basic algorithms have been drawn from the currently followed manual process. Using these algorithms, strength and weakness of each individual child is suggested. • Area of achieved independence, area required for strengthening and problem area are identified for each children • Based on the analysis, long term goal and its short term objectives for each child is suggested by the system. Also suitable lesson plans are suggested from a built-in lesson plan repository. • For group teaching, a grouping algorithm suggests who are to be grouped together based on the current assessed level of each child. • The development pattern of each individual child can be analyzed term wise, year wise, level wise and domain wise, which will be a very useful tool in planning the programming of children. • The tool provides for making suitable program for each individual child. The system is capable of suggesting areas required for strengthening and problem areas. • Custom reports like evaluation report, case diary etc. can be viewed/ printed. Graphs for domain wise evaluation, growth charts etc. are also automatically generated.


Digitalization of content makes it easier to access for all. Its multiple formats like audio, video, large font, contrast, multimedia has made it accessible for persons with different abilities and has been proved to be a boon for them leading them to inclusion. This leads to a very easy and effective learning for all. ICT tools can be used for easy anytime transfer/access and review by masses.


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