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Radio Sirsa is a community radio station run by the teachers and students of mass communication in Chaudhary Devi Lal University in collaboration with the people of local community. We at Radio Sirsa have integrated Community Radio with internet. Video-conferencing and Web-conferencing are used for production of some of our programs where experts and dignitaries located at far away places are interviewed online and these interviews are broadcast on Radio Sirsa. Some of our programs are also made available to internet users/ ipod users through our Podcast Service. Hellosirsa, the flagship call-in show of Radio Sirsa serves as an effective bridge between the listeners and the local government.
What we deliver
Variety of audio programs including call-in shows, discussions, interviews, cultural programs. These programs are on health,education, environment awareness and issues related to the day to day life of our listeners. We promote local culture and talent through various programs of this stations.

Whom we deliver

Obviously the end users of the services of our station are our listeners. The community we serve includes the residents of Sirsa city and over 60 villages around the town.

How is the project unique?

Our community radio is unique in the sense that it is managed and run completely by voluteers drawn from among the teachers of Journalism Department, students of the Chaudhary Devi Lal University and members of local community. Our radio-jockeys include ordinary shopkeepers, farmers, government employees and housewives. None of them is paid even a single penny for the services they render to the local community through Radio Sirsa.


Radio Sirsa was established by Chaudhary Devi Lal University from its own funds. First challenge before our team was to make it a community radio is true sense by ensuring maximum involvement of the local community in its day to day affairs and especially in its programs. This was done by adopting a three pronged strategy. The call-in programs ensured direct participation of people of local community. People from the community themselves became presenters with passage of time. Radio Shrota Sangh was formed and promoted to meet the same end. The challenges we face now are to make the station financially self dependent and to improve to the quality of content we deliver to the community. A financial model is being worked out for that. For content part, we plan to organize capacity building workshop for our teachers, students and community members who are involved in production work.


Radio Sirsa
Virender Singh Chauhan
Media Centre, Chaudhary Devi Lal University Sirsa Haryana – 125055
URL/Website –

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