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RTNE is a social enterprise offering tourist retreats to the vast strata of the lower middle class who cannot afford to pay more than Rs. 300 a day. RTNE is India’s first endeavour to push rural tourism in the country in a big way. Rural Tourism Network Enterprise has a vision to become a partner of choice in the Rural Tourism Industry and has been operational since 2008 working in 40 destinations with around 600 rural stay options. RTNE has a destination based approach and works with a network of Destination Management Companies [DMC], with one DMC covering all small and large tourism destinations in the region.

 What we deliver

We deliver services, budget accommodation packages along with stay options from home stays to resorts in various destinations of the country.

Whom we deliver

We cater to the need of the Travelers. There is a huge interactive part in our service. The Client tells about the number of days they have for vacation and we suggest them stay options according to their needs. Also, the clients enter a feedback form after they have been on a vacation. We remain in constant touch with the client through mailers.

 Why is the project unique?

RTNE is focusing on the non-hotel segment, which needs extensive support in standardizing and marketing its products, requires the creation of an extensive partnership-driven network to aggregate accommodations, something which no aggregator or consolidator has ever done before. This makes our project very unique, we want to target as many 50,000 villages in the next 5 years and bring substantial improvement in their local economy by promoting tourism.


Our vision is ICT would play a major role in making the unprivileged masses aware of the opportunities that are their for grabs and make the other half of the country that is willing to contribute to the inclusive development of the nation about opportunities that exist in the development sector.


Karmveer Singh Rathore

Rural Tourism Network Enterprise

c/o IFMR Trust, B-12, 1-Cenotaph road, Teynampet

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



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