Sabaragamuwa Health Institutional Information Managment System (SHIMS)

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1. This product is managed core back end management areas of the health institutional management process of provincial level.

2. Core back end management modules of the Health are 2.1.Pharmacy Information Management System

i.            2.2. Bio Medical Information Management System

ii.           2.3. General Inventory Information Management System

iii.          2.4. Human Resource Management System

3. Since this can be defined all modules internal logic , such as process, policies & key content of the system.

4. This is multi layered, multi user & multi module contained project.

5. Due its architectural design it’s fully flexible to escalate to national level with no doubts.

 What we deliver

i. Customer will receive the full service of the product. ii. All user levels has it’s own rights to administrate & continue their works with the system with define limitations for administrative purposes. iii. System maximally avoid data duplicating & enhanced the system performance by providing auto content & data delivering to respective data retriever with long survey result in client we had done. iv. System administration (user levels tasks management) training will be provided by us. v. Application server management and all services related to the product source will be managed by us.

 Whom we deliver

i. Mainly this is developed to aligning with provincial administration discipline of health institutional. ii. ie, mainly it receives common administrator account for respective province. ie called Provincial Director of Health NOMINATION FORM-2011 (ADDITIONAL INFORMATION) 2 Services iii. All modules logic/discipline definer/ designer , ie called Provincial Module Admin iv. Regional Director’s of health services will be received an account, ie Regional Directors v. Health Institutional (Hospitals etc) in-chargers will be received an account, ie Health Institutional Admin vi. Each modules has different users levels & user accounts to administrate user own tasks, such as Pharmacy_Information_Management_Module : Regional Pharmacist Health Institutional Chief Pharmacist Health Institutional Indoor Pharmacist Health Institutional Outdoor Pharmacist General_Inventory_Information_Management_Module : Regional General Inventory Clerk Health Institutional General Inventory Clerk Bio_Medical_Inventory_Information_Management_Mod : Regional Bio Medical Inventory Clerk Health Institutional Bio Medical Inventory Clerk Human_Resource_Information_Management_Module : Regional HR management Clerk Health Institutional HR management Clerk Employee Personal File Viewer (employee wise) v. It will be introduced Linux bases user level management type user management capability soon after end of all development of the project.

 Why is the project unique?

1. Mainly this has touched cloud concepts. 2. Since we have derivated own clould accent with this, that is universal cloud. 3. It’s power can be feel by adjoined parraral products of rest ministries such as education, transport etc. Please refer the attached doc under this subject for more.


i. This system has designed to absorb whole island health management as cloud product. ii. Since this provides it’s core health services to whole island with minimum cost of infrastructure & maintenances. iii. It can preview it’s user friendly system performance in abstract mode with attached document. iv. Ie, Easy to escalate to national level few of changes that it needs to be done in development level. v. This product is fully complying with national health requirement and government health policies presented during last 5 years budgets speeches.


Mr. T.H. Akila Sanjaya Siriweera, Chief Executive Officer

S’Hela Int’ Creative Solutions

No 6/A, Sri Khemananda mw, Muwagama, Rathnapura.

Rathnapura, Sri Lanka



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