SafeSquid: Content Filtering Internet Proxy

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SafeSquid helps you to distribute Internet Access across your enterprise, while providing you Total Content Control & Total Access Control. SafeSquid ensures that the Internet Usage in your enterprise is always as per YOUR Internet Access Policy. You can control WHO can access Internet, WHEN, WHAT and HOW MUCH. SafeSquid helps you to save precious bandwidth, and make sure that users are not allowed to access unwanted material on Internet, accidentally or intentionally.SafeSquid has a very low TCO, and high ROI. Additionally, it supports a number of open-source OS (Linux, all flavors) and add-on utilities that makes it even more cost effective, like Clam Anti-Virus, Sarg Log Analyzer, free URL Blacklist database from Shalla Secure Services, and many others.

What do we deliver?

We provide total solution, including the software, training and total support for installation, configuration and managing the proxy, for a period of 1 year.

Whom we deliver?

SafeSquid is now serving a variety of environments. Large Multi-Location Enterprises Value Added ISP Educational Institutions Software and Technology Companies ITES / Business Processing Enterprises Public Access Internet Distributions Research and Design Businesses Manufacturing and Logistic Businesses Financial Services A short list of clients is provided in the attached SafeSquid_Collaterals.pdf file.

How is the project unique?

Unlike other traditional hardware based appliances, SafeSquid can be quickly installed on an existing Windows or Linux server. The policies are stored in an xml file of a few hundred kilobytes, so it is very easy to backup and restore policies. You can even create different policies and store them in different files, and instantly change policies in real-time, just by loading the desired policy file. SafeSquid unique Master-Slave feature, or Multi=Proxy configuration, allows you to centrally manage multiple SafeSquid servers, even if they are deployed in diverse geo-locations. It allows you the freedom to use a variety of open-source and commercial Anti-Virus, to enhance your network security, like ClamAV, Dr.Web, Kaspersky, Symantec and Trend Micro SafeSquid allows you the freedom to use a variety of open-source and commercial Log Analyzers, like Calamaris, Sarg, Squint, The Webalizer and Sawmill. SafeSquid allows you the free to use a variety of free and commercial URL Blacklist databases, like cProfiles, Shallalist and URL Balcklist. SafeSquid can integrate with a variety of authenticating servers, for user authentication, like ADS, LDAP, POP3, RADIUS, MySQL and Unix. This reduces the overheads of managing users. SafeSquid has some very unique features, like Pornographic Image Filter, that can block pornographic image in real-time.


Yes, the project is totally independent, and sustainable on its own. It is not dependent on any external, third-party dependencies. The project has been independently coded in-house, and is maintained and continuously enhanced in-house. The project is scalable enough to integrate, and make use of latest technologies.


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Manish Kochar (Founding CEO and Technical Director)
LBS Marg Mumbai Maharashtra- 400083
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