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GPS Navigation system for Sri Lanka with Voice guidance. It includes 100,000 points of interest (POI). If this system available in your vehicle, it will guide you to any given location in Sri Lanka. We did not have a proper map or a guiding system of this type so far to guide local or foreign traveler in Sri Lanka, although this type of systems are widely used in developed countries. But with this new system, any foreign traveler can travel all over Sri Lanka with confidence as the unit guides him to find any location or POIs such as hotels, ATMs, fuel stations, historical places or whatever it is, while having voice guidance in their own languages such as English, Russian, German, etc. This also has facility to give voice guidance in Sinhala language too and drivers can use the device using Sinhala menu. As this system has been developed according to the Sri Lankan traffic law, by using this system, road discipline can be improved and lot of money and fuel can be saved as well. Similarly using this system, Sri Lankans can explore even the world with their mother tongue whether it is Sinhala.

 What we deliver

This particular equipment provides the user, a comprehensive guidance to any place in Sri Lanka with Turn by turn direction with voice as well. As the map covered all Sri Lankan roads, all Towns, cities and villages, user can search and travel to any place using “Address” or “Point Of Interest”. This Map’s data base contain more than 100,000 POI including Fuel Stations, Bank ATMs, Hospitals, Hotels, Historical tourist attraction places etc. If the user missed any turn, the device will automatically re-route to reach the destination using next best possible route. Same time device can offer an alternative route if the user request to avoid the traffic congested roads.

Whom we deliver

When the user use this system, from the start to the end of the trip, no matter the distance is, a continuous conversation is taking place between the system and the user. As the turn by turn guidance is provided with voice direction, it becomes the real partner of the trip.

 Why is the project unique?

Until this system launched, people in Sri Lanka used old and outdated printed maps for travelling purpose. But the need of accurate detailed map for tourism industry was increased day by day. Therefore SALAGIS initiated to map entire road network in Sri Lanka with modern digital technology to produce a perfect map with high accuracy for GPS Navigation device. This map includes not only roads, but all land marks of most of the important institutions, hospitals, ATMs etc. to render a better service to the user. This is the only accurate GPS Navigation system available covering whole Sri Lanka with more than 100,000 Points of Interest. System of this type covering entire country has not been produced in Sri Lanka before.


The UNICODE fonts released by ICT helped us to localize the system. Further for our Tamil version of the system ICT is helping us to a great extent by providing it free of charge. During the period of executing this project, the Unicode system developed by the ICT was a great help for us especially when we were corresponding with foreign agencies. This facility plays an enormous role in taking the digital technology to the remote areas of the island especially because the rural people are adversely handicapped by the inadequacy of the English language.


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