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MMFSL is now become accustomed to the PC model, which allow every user to have their own CPU, hard disk & memory to run Citrix applications, E-mails, Web Modules, SAP etc. But most of us are not using the processing power of the PC & it will remain idle. Sanrachna is a modern take on the time honored concept where multiple users share the processing power of a single computer. This approach has several advantages over the traditional PC module, including lower overall costs, better energy efficiency & simplified administration.

What do we deliver?

Service Support related to IT Infrastructure as well as training & guidance to the users regarding the new products & their implementations.

Whom we deliver?

Employees of Mahindra & Mahindra Financial services limited.

How is the project unique?

Our application is completely unique. First of all this is an application developed in android platform. No application like this was developed for Dhaka City before we did. This is the most attractive side of our application. There are lots of similar types of application exist for different region of the world, but there is nothing for Dhaka. We can add the perfect position and direction of the places to make it accurate as there is no mapping system exists for Dhaka rather than Google.


By delivering all of the key components of the solution including the access device, extension protocol, and desktop virtualization software, Virtual Desktop uniquely deliver a high performance solution at the lowest cost. MMFSL BITS staff and end users don’t need special training since this highly efficient solution is very easy to set up and maintain and is compatible with standard PC applications.
In addition, Virtual Desktop technology integrates with other technologies such as machine virtualization to solve unique business problems.Any organization responsible for more than one PC should seriously consider the advantages of moving to desktop virtualization. By taking advantage of today’s low-cost yet ever more powerful computers, even the smallest organization can realize immediate benefits without the high expense of mainframe computing or the complexity and performance limitations of server-based computing. Best of all, desktop virtualization makes computing available to more people within an organization for less money.


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