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SepiaCMS is a Cloud based Content Management System for building and managing online presence, completely managed through a web browser, enabling users to publish content in a few easy steps. The platform supports managing multiple websites in a centralized, collaborative environment, reducing the overall cost and time of development, management and hosting of website. The product has a CMS, a step by step wizard to build website, and modules and features that are most beneficial to maintain the e-presence of any type of organization. It also offers 20 built-in modules, new modules can be plugged easily and features can be enabled or disabled with a few button clicks. SepiaCMS allows publishing the website in multiple languages, supporting languages with both left-to-right and right-to-left script. It is, therefore, globally adoptable and can be used with any and all languages of the world. The built in social media integration allows organization to market their website and services using the social tools and make their online presence more prominent. You can generate and manage any kind of website through our system. Government, small businesses, corporates, retail stores, educational institutions, and restaurants are only a few of the markets which this system is best fit for.

What we deliver

SepiaCMS offers flexibility and great level of customization. You can use pre-built templates or easily customize the provided templates with drag and drop controls. The built-in version control system keeps track of all changes in the content and allows for rollback to previous version. Every modification in content is saved in the database – the old version is not deleted but stored together with the newer versions to keep track of modification history. Every site in the system can be managed independently, with its own features and modules. SepiaCMS offers role based security and you can define unlimited number of groups or users and assign them specific roles in the system with specific rights. SepiaCMS provides a perceptive user experience, offering quick access to all functions of the application, and an easy to navigate interface. The application is flexible and simple and is designed for non-technical people to make changes quickly to the web content, saving time and cost. Our Product allows developing websites in global languages as well as regional languages. You can develop a website in English as well as in Sindhi, Pashto, Farsi, Arabic or any language which has standard script.

Whom we deliver

Many local and international companies. One of our prime clients is Government of Afghanistan. All website of government of Afghanistan including Ministries, Provinces and different key institution website are developed through SepiaCMS. The Private organizations are Maiwand kabob, Upgrde Electronics, Ghanchi Rags Enterprises and many more. A few examples of sites created and managed through our system are as follows: [English, Farsi and Pashto version website] [English only Version] [English and Arabic version website] [English only Version]

How is the project unique?

The technology used in the system is easily adaptable and it can be deployed in windows based environment using very common pre-requisites for any standard web application. Using a single instance of the application you can manage unlimited number of websites. For an end user the experience of exploring websites published through SepiaCMS is same in different platforms and browsers. The system supports all modern browsers and is also accessible through mobile browsers. The output generated by system is standard compliant and is in conformity with the W3C standards The published website is search engine optimized Accessibility standards for disabled are also followed throughout the system The system also addresses common technological barriers and CDN is used to load common runtime libraries to save bandwidth and loading times. All the codes and libraries are minified to enhance the performance and reduce loading times.


The demand of a CMS that provides multisite, multilingual, flexible and ease of use interface is immense. SepiaCMS provides these facilities to its users. We are making partnership with different service providers in other regions and have negotiated reseller programs with some of the vendors to create more demand and increase our user base. As a multi-site, multilingual system, Sepia CMS will gain more market very soon. In the future version of our product, we will also focus on individuals and students to launch their online presence in quick easy steps with very low or at no cost.


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