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Shurjomukhi eShop ( is the first eShop on the Internet that sells affordable solar products – some of which are designed and made by Shurjomukhi itself – and ships them to all corners of Bangladesh. The right for light is universal yet millions of people live in virtual darkness in Bangladesh at the moment. Shurjomukhi endeavours to address this issue by manufacturing small, useful and affordable solar systems like Shurjokonna and Shurjobondhu and placing these products along with an assortment of lanterns, mobile chargers, etc on the e-commerce site that is available in Bangla and English from both Web and Wap interfaces. Anyone, anytime, from anywhere in the world, can purchase products on the Shurjomukhi eShop and send them to any recipient in Bangladesh and bring about a lasting change in the recipient’s life. In addition to accepting Cash on Delivery payments, the eShop also accepts almost all Bangladeshi Cards, Visa and Mastercard.”

What we deliver

What we deliver to end-users of these small solar products sold through the site is an opportunity to uplift their and their children’s quality of life and hopefully move to the next quantum level of social and economic standards.

Whom we deliver

a. ShurjoMukhi payPoint: Bangladeshi citizens in need to recharge mobile phones and pay utility bills b. Anyone who needs to send SMS to a mobile number in the country

How is the project unique?

The Shurjomukhi solar eShop project is unique in many ways. Firstly, it’s the first and only eShop that sells solar products and ships in Bangladesh. Secondly, it is also the site that has true integration with the existing e-Payment Gateways, namely, DBBL and BRAC Bank, to accept both Visa and Mastercard – both debit and credit – and DBBL Nexus Card. Thirdly, it is the only e-commerce site in Bangladesh that has its own layer of added security where it employs a hybrid user identification method comprising of Web and mobile platforms to reduce the risk of online fraud significantly by adding an offline component to it. Fourthly, it has designed and developed its own products to make the product range offered on the site wider and more affordable and increase the volume of Made in Bangladesh items on the site. To top it off, the eShop has an online shop-assistant offering help and information instantly to any potential buyer


As an outfit active in the Alternate Delivery Channel (ADC) sector of Bangladesh, Shurjomukhi is absolutely certain that development of digital content and services is key to progress for Bangladesh. Shurjomukhi’s vision for digital content for development – which is also available on its website at is given below: Shurjomukhi is all about envisaging and creating a future that we would all like to live in and leave behind. A future where communication is as natural as a smile, a future where we are not depended only on grid electricity to charge up our laptops, mobile phones or power our household lights and gadgets. It about doing essential things like online banking, online bill payment and shopping on the Internet from your mobile or laptop – easy and available as sunshine on a bright sunny day. With our relentless pursuit in making e-commerce, remittance systems, payment gateways and telecommunications solutions as available as possible, we are determined to contribute in making the living spaces – be it real and virtual – as affordable and enjoyable as possible . In short, our main focus is the proverbial next billion to whom traditional vendors and solutions providers will not go. But we will. Help us create that future.”


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373 (2nd flr), Rd 28, New DOHS, Dhaka 1206, Bangladesh 845418
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