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Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome Extension for converting web sites with non-Unicode Sinhala embedded fonts to Unicode. When I moved to GNU/Linux and started using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome browsers I noticed that I can’t read Sinhala newspaper sites that recommended the user to install Internet Explorer. So I created this add-on for Mozilla Firefox to read and Then when the users suggest many other sites that had the same problem I kept adding the support for viewing many other sites too Then with the responses growing from the community I thought of creating the Google Chrome Version.

What we deliver

Ability to convert above web pages which has non-Unicode content to Unicode enabled sites and make them viewable to readers using browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and on operating systems like GNU/Linux. This allows quoting, referencing and sharing of above content via Unicode enabled sites that was nearly impossible when they were available as non-Unicode content, without restricting the user to any particular OS or a proprietary browser, free of charge.

 Whom we deliver

Since this converts non-Unicode content to unicode instantly, users can quote, share, reference and edit this content whichever they like, on any Unicode enabled platform. This gives a lot of freedom of information sharing for the user.

 Why is the project unique?

● It makes all these sites work in IE, Firefox and Chrome and takes away the restrictions on which browser to use to view a certain site on the Internet.

● It takes away Knowledge Representation issues with searching, sorting and text processing because it can convert all the archives of non-Unicode content in newspaper sites to Unicode and make the prepare for the future of semantic we

● User can select any browser they want. This ensures the ultimate goal of the World Wide Web as it intended to be in the beginning, where it seamlessly gives humanity, the easy access and availability of information.


Making information accessible to all the citizens and making them easily shareable empowers communities, to innovate, exchange knowledge and learn. This will ensure a Sri Lanka, focused on a knowledge based economy and chance for people to show off their knowledge in the world wide web, in the industries they are good at, and makes space for Sri Lanka to grow as a super power in the region.


Keheliya Bandara Gallaba

360/4, Makola South,

Makola, Western Province, Sri Lanka




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