Smart Ubiquitous Switch (SUS)

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A Smart Ubiquitous Switch (SUS) is being developed for Electric Tube Wells (ETW) used for irrigation in villages. This SUS will be installed in Main Switch Board (MSB) of ETW. The farmer can Switch ON/OFF his ETW remotely by sending just a message of ON or OFF from his cell phone. He can also check the status of motor whether working or not by sending the message of STATUS. During the Power Outage (PO), it has capability to switch ON the motor after delaying for few seconds. During rain, it will detect the rain with the help of Water Sensor (WS) and will switch OFF the motor and inform the farmer through SMS. As in Pakistan, the PO is on its high extent, so many times in a day the fluctuation of power occurs. And also in most tube wells there are up to sixteen (16) users. Each user has to note the working time of ETW during his use. This is done to divide the electricity dues equally among all users on the basis of working hours of ETW. This is more tedious and costly job for a farmer. The SUS have the capability to store the working hours of each shareholder (farmer). The farmer can get the whole summary of working hours of ETW against each user on his cell phone by sending the message of SUMMARY. At the end of month, when the farmer receives the bill voucher will only send a message of BILL XXXXX (X is amount of Bill) to GSM modem. The GSM modem will reply back to user with bill amount for each user on the basis of their use of ETW. He also can set the time on which time he wants to switch ON/OFF his ETW. One additional functionality for those farmers who are illiterate and don’t know to send the message will only will make a miss call to switch ON/OFF the ETW. If ETW is in working state then it will be switched OFF and vice versa. More also we will implement the functionality of voice communication. The farmer will call the particular number in GSM modem and will listen the instructions in the native language of that area. According to his choice of ON/OFF/SUMMARY/BILL the functionality will be performed. When this SUS will become functional then farmer has no need to keep watching on the light during PO. No need of going again and again on the spot to Switch ON/OFF the motor manually. No need of dedicated person to note the power meter reading or working hours of ETW for each user. This product in current phase has only being implemented for those farmers who have been tired of manual operation for their ETW during irrigation. This product will facilitate them and save their 99.5% time and resources.

 What we deliver

In first version, only farmers are being targeted. In second version, automobiles and industry will be targeted. The product will be given these customers with full functionality.

 Whom we deliver

Currently, the product is under development. In future this product will be used by farmers, automobiles and industry using heavy electric motors.

 Why is the project unique?

As in Pakistan, there is no such device working before. So this product will be first and unique.


Our vision is to empower the farmers with modern technology used in mobility and agriculture.


Nasir Abbas

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST),

Al-Hamd Grammar Model School near Laal Chowk, Bhowana

Islamabad, Pakistan 35350

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