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Source For Change is India’s 1st all women rural BPO in India. Located in Bagad, a small village in the Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan. It is running under the auspices of Ajay G. Piramal Foundation. SFC was founded with the goals of empowering women with employment opportunities and provide them with a platform with a platform to be financially independent and achieve greater social outstanding while simultaneously providing quality out sourcing services at competitive prices to clients around the World.

What we deliver

Source For Change is a solutions provider for organisations looking to improve their processes. Our Core Offerings are: ● Form and Image based data entry ● Bill/Invoice Processing ● Data Standardization and cleaning ● Image editing ● Scanning and Verification ● English and Hindi transcription ● Data and format conversion from PDF ● Hindi Inbound and Outbound call services

Whom we deliver

Women Empowerment is an issue which is always discussed , debated and then left suspended in thin air to ponder over another meeting. In rural India, the situation is even worse. Source For Change , India ‘s 1st all Women Rural BPO is a step towards bringing women empowerment from meeting rooms to a working reality. SFC provides training and employment to women in rural India , which has twin benefits of socio-economic emancipation of women and delivering World class ITES services to clients at affordable prices.


We believe Digital Content if properly utilized could be a great asset for Development because of it’s vast reach Digital Media can make people aware of social enterprises like Source For Change and other socially conscious initiatives in the country. Digital content can ignite the passion for activism in the rapidly developing educated middle class of the country. ICT are going to be the flag bearers of change in the coming years. With constant innovation and passion for working towards development, ICT tools can helps us achieve the Millennium Development Goals set up by the UN


Source For Change

Shrot Katewa Source For Change, Near Piramal Gate, Bagar

Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India


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