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Explore Dhaka is an application developed on android platform and prepared with the best care to make it user friendly. JAVA is the core language to develop this application and can easily be modified according to the specific need of the user. There are several categories and sub- categories exist on this application to make the search in order to find out the required places/utilities. GPS system is used to locate the position of the user and user can find out the distance and direction of the nearest utilities from their position using this application. Alternatively user can manually enter their location and check out the nearby utilities to find out their desired places. User can also rate any business so that others can know about the condition of the utilities. User can also add places/utilities on this application.

What do we deliver?

We want to make the people know about the new technology and their implementation. People will feel interested when they find a local application available on their android phone. Moreover this people from developed country regularly visit Bangladesh for various purposes. They faced lots of problems to find out the desired utilities. With the help of this application they can easily find out their required places and chill around freely.

How is the project unique?

Our application is completely unique. First of all this is an application developed in android platform. No application like this was developed for Dhaka City before we did. This is the most attractive side of our application. There are lots of similar types of application exist for different region of the world, but there is nothing for Dhaka. We can add the perfect position and direction of the places to make it accurate as there is no mapping system exists for Dhaka rather than Google.


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3rd Eye Lab
Talha Ibne Imam
Flat-001, House-504, Road -20, Mirpur D.O.H.S, Dhaka Bangladesh- 845418
URL/Website –

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