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Voice blogging is a service on mobile phones where celebrities/Journalists/ Radio and TV stations record their voice updates and heard by fans and followers. With Voice Blog, anyone can record and broadcast messages from any mobile device to a large audience. After subscribing, Fans and followers will be able to listen to celebrity updates at their convenience. Voice blogs communication plays a major role is media dark markets. As the mobile penetration is higher than any other ICT devices, a simple voice communication based blogging easily connects the Celebrity and their audience. It empowers the journalists/celebrities/politicians to update their status on voice on the go. This doesn’t require them to go to studio and record their voice. They just need to call up a number and record their updates in their own voice. As soon as the voice message has been approved by the administrator, this message would be broadcasted to their fans. Hence, fans get to know the updates at the same moment. Fans can opt –in for an SMS updates, so that they could listen to the voice message at their own convenience.

What we deliver?

Users can instantly listen to their favorite Celebrity, Politicians, and Newsmakers on their voice through a simple voice call from their mobile phones. This could be effectively used in Information collection (User generated content) and dispersion in rural areas. There could be a local specific voice blogging platform for crop info, employment info and government schemes. Since these messages can be heard through a simple mobile call, even an illiterate can access and be benefitted by this service. Vogging(Voice Blogging) is better than traditional SMS updates, and helps overcome the problem of literacy barrier. It is suited for both rural and urban audience and can be customized to suit different segments.

Why is the project unique?

Originality of Idea – Understanding the usage patterns of the emerging markets and innovating a product for them


Hexolabs Interactive Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Rajamanohar K S
Chennai Tamil Nadu

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