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Trainedge is a online Academy who provides courses in Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy, Information Technology, Language Training, Management Training, Accounting, health care, Industrial Training etc Anyone from any country with a PC and a Internet Connection can register and log in to this site to get Complete Training on a specific subject When we start to provide training for the student we first educate the student about our procedure of training then after we provide him the root which he should follow, step by step providing what he have to do on a specific time period, we guide him to his final goal of achieving his certification Furthermore we continually update on our course content according to developing knowledge and demand at job market, also our strategies are updated to provide the student with effective and high quality training Our course consists of a course structure which includes vedios, photos ,audio clips and multimedia and used in a step by step method, this helps a beginner to understand the course contents very easily We provide Internationally recognized certificates as we hold Center Approval for several recognized governing bodies

What do we deliver?

We deliver online IT Courses, Hairdressing & Beauty therapy Courses, Cookery Courses, Management courses, Accounting Courses, Language Courses, Skill Development courses, Accounting courses, Health care courses, Child care courses

Whom we deliver?

This will benefit the school leavers as they can join our courses during the breaks between exams The other party which is beneficial for this is full time employees, with the busy schedule they can allocate time to study online and update themselves from home This is a great opportunity for elderly people to study from home as they feel uncomfortable learning with younger crowd

How is the project unique?

First time in Sri lanka we have started Hair and Beauty Courses online training, not only that we have a procedure planned an well documented to do practical exams with the online theory exams, we have developed a system that is properly organized, automated and delivers high quality content for all courses We are not only a web site we have lectures dedicated to teach ,guide ,create educational materials and answer questions in forums and in email We make sure our students gets not only knowledge also we assess them for their skills final product will be the student who gets a recognized certification from us first time in sri lanka a payment can be done to online course provider without using credit cards this allows a someone to become our student even without having to hold a credit card this is possible because of we have used a mechanism that involves paying to the bank account This is the first time in sri lanka that allows vast no of courses to be introduced to the sri lankan citizens To follow as online courses We have a pricing which is very low to match the sri lankan peoples capabilities


Currently we are conducting only several subject areas but in the future we are going to expand the subject areas and going to recruit new experienced lectures to teach We are going to get support from the government vocational training authorities and give vocational training to everyone who needs it, from that countries economy can boost We are giving scholarships for rural villagers and low income families to study free therefore it will improve their income We are going to establish a JOB Bank of our students so this will be helpful for our students to find jobs easily after completing our courses online also this is very important for employers to get well trained workers for their establishments Also we plan in future to expand our practical centers to allow easy access to our students and those practical centers will be supplied with latest equipments to do practical to a high quality standard this will be done by cooperating with NGS and private sponsors All of this mechanisms supports to develop sri lankan economy to have better tomorrow for sri lankan people


Suranga Hatangala
No 294/1,Godagama Road Athurugiriya, Colombo Sri Lanka- 106400
URL/Website –

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