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GNN Show 9 Infotainment has brought another internet marvel for you. It is , the first internet radio of India on travel and tourism. The Radio provides you with information on latest trends, events, developments and happenings of the travel world with expert views and comments. It will serve as an online platform to debate, discuss and transmit your notions on the trade and also for looking partners to buy, sell and offer anything in regards with your trade and business. With the launch of this new internet Radio, the listeners are facilitated to send their requests for answering any query on their mind in respect of travel and tourism world through their respective mails. They will not only be provided appropriate answers but also with expert opinion if asked for. To sum it all up, will serve as a medium to put forward your business interests and to keep you abreast with your favorite world of travel and tourism.

What we deliver

Our delivers started from the daily news bulletins about the travel industry that further introduced a plethora of travel guidelines and jaunt to the most hunted travel destinations. Daily News Bulletins- The daily updates about the hospitality, aviation, railway, travel guidelines and every possible aspect is covered in different segments. The bulletins talks of the different continents with their travel updates. Dream Destination- Everyday a new destination to discover, This segment introduces you to the most hunted travel destinations with its different aspects, redefining its beauty and culture. Interviews- The interviews of the high delegates from the travel industry, talking about their organization, their role and requirement and how the listeners can utilize their services. Travel Tips- This segment talk of the tips one would surely need while traveling. Travel guides and requirements are discussed with the answers to the FAQs by experts. The experts also give the basic safety tips and travel guides for the listeners to have a safe and enjoyable trip. Cuisines- A slot for the different cuisines over the globe are discussed in this slot.

 Whom we deliver

Travel World Online provides the listeners daily travel updates and provides an interactive session where the information about the different travelling destinations is given and interactive FAQs are discussed by experts. Another segment that covers the dream destinations takes you to a wide range of beautiful places all over the globe. Interaction for the listeners goes best when the interviews of the high end people from the travel industry give their views and information about the field and take up queries of our listeners.

 Why is the project unique?

Travel world Online is a unique as well as pioneer in travel radio over the globe. The discussions, news, views and interviews on this online travel radio is surely different from any idea found on the internet. The radio is the best place where you can discover the beauty on earth just by listening. All your travel queries and quests end when travel world online reaches you.


Mr. Anil Sharma

GNN Prakashan Pvt. Ltd

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