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Trawell Time is an SMS based hotel reservation service by which users can book hotels by sending a SMS. This is an ideal service for those who will be travelling across India. Trawell Time provides an array of useful services to make your travel more safe and enjoyable. When a user sends an SMS to the short code/long code of Trawell Time, the server will respond with an automated reply with the details of the hotel in that area. Users have the ability to reserve rooms up to 30 days prior to their visit, and there are no additional costs for this service. We have tied up with 32 hotels in Kerala, 5 hotels in Karnataka and 4 hotels in Tamil Nadu, and currently we are in the process of entering mou with more and more hotels and other establishments all across India. This product will be very beneficial for the populations that live in more rural areas, because the access to the internet or credit card, and online banking to book hotels can be limited. The user can book a room by 3 easy steps: Step1: Send a SMS as BOOKDate CityName. E.g.: Book 200511 Hyderabad. This input will provide you with response message that includes the list of available hotels in that area. E.g.: H022 Hotel Residency, H019 Hotel Grand 2*, H044 Hotel Grand Days 5*. SMS hotel code to 89071-77444 Step2: SMS the hotel code. Eg: H022. Now the service respond with the details of available rooms E.g.: Hotel Residency SR – Single (600), SA – Single AC (1100), DA -Double AC (1500), ST – Suite (2500). Sms Room Code (DA) to book room’ Step3: SMS room code to make the room reservation. E.g.: SMS DA. Now you will get the room reservation confirmation SMS. User can set their city by sending a sms as SETCity. Trawell time provides many other services like 1. Cab Booking: users can now book cabs from Mobile. (This service is currently available only in Kerala – Cochin, Trivandrum and Kottayam). To books cab user have to send a SMS as CABTime (HHMM) Pickup Point. E.g.: CAB 1230 JubleeHills. The user will get a confirmation message and will get a call from corresponding chauffeur to ask more detail about the pickup point. 2: Local search: users can search for Restaurants, Shopping, Nightlife, Cinemas, Entertainment, Spa, Salon, Doctors, Schools, Coffee shops, Movies, Events etc. users can search by sending a SMS as SearchRequirementPlace. E.g.: SEARCH spa malad 3. Search Flight Timings: users can search fight timings by sending SMS as FLIGHTDateAirportDestination Airport. E.g.: FLIGHT 200511 MUMBAI DELHI 4: Train Timing: users can search train timings by sending SMS as TRAINDateFrom StationTo Station. E.g.: TRAIN 200511 ERN CHE. To get the station code SMS STATIONISD Code Trawell Time provides a wide range of services, to get a full list of available keywords/services and help, SMS HELP to 89071-77444.

What we deliver?

This is a utility product which is beneficial for everyone who will be travelling outside their home region. This product will be more beneficial for the population that lives in more rural areas as they might lack access to services such as internet or credit card, online banking to book hotels from their websites.

Why is the project unique?

This is a very unique service by which people can reserve hotel rooms by just sending a sms and they can search for all travel related queries by just sending a sms. Trawell Time act as a personal travel assistant by giving all the helps needed while you are on travel from Hotel booking to local search.


Eldhose Bose
43/410A Power House Extension Road, Kerala – 682018, India.
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