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This a free SMS service for youths in Nepal. The access of mobile is increasing day by day in this region This toll free SMS service could provide good mileage over the voice of youth. This free facility will enable the young mobile users to connect to the worldwide web through UNCIEF Nepal’s website and the youth issues raised by the young mobile users are not only heard but will be addressed and discussed. The toll free SMS service is targeted at all young people from, urban to rural areas from eh mountains to the plains of Nepal. This service will provide a platform for Nepali youngsters to give their views on issues that concern them, We realize that so many young people wish to voice their opinions and this modern facility will reach out to them all across the country initiating debate through a combination of mobile technology, the web and national radio networks. Every week, through this SMS service, initiate a topic of debate on air and invite opinions. Listeners can then text in their views and comments on the given topic by sending an SMS, free of cost. This service aiming to bridge the digital divide and opening new forms of electronic participation through this SMS service, for texting has become a regular part of the teenage experience even in the remotest corners of a country like Nepal where it can take a week to travel to the nearest town. But with new technology, whole vistas of instantaneous communication have opened up.

What we deliver?

We provide the access for urban, rural as well as mountains who are wishing to loud their voice, opinions and participate in a larger community – this modern facility will reach out to them all across the country through this exciting combination of mobile technology, the web and national radio networks. We deliver different voices from all over the nation. Now they will have the medium of communicating and responding immediately and making their voices heard through Toll free SMS service.

Why is the project unique?

Its kinds of service launched first time in Nepal. This is a free SMS text service launched in Nepal is quite unique because it mixes old and new media—the web, the mobile phone, letters and the radio. UNICEF has teamed up with national radio broadcaster SSMK, the most listened to youth radio show in Nepal, which has a following of millions of young people and has been informing and entertaining young Nepalese for nearly ten years now. SMS service for the young people in Nepal, SMS 4400, a toll free number where young people can text in their views and concerns,


FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
Aadish Shrestha
Bagmati Nepal

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