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The VTAX system provides vehicle tax information via SMS. People can text their vehicle number to a designated SMS short code and in response receive the vehicle tax information. Last paid date, amount and if tax is due or not.

 What we deliver

As a response SMS to the query sent by general public the system provides the recent tax payment information of the vehicle in query. Information includes receipt number, amount paid, fiscal year and a note to pay the remaining due if present.

 Whom we deliver

The service is currently accessible to mobile subscribers of all major 3 telecom operators (NT, Ncell and UTL) of Nepal. The service is being used by general public who need to pay vehicle tax or those who have delegated the tax payment to others to confirm the payment.

 Why is the project unique?

This is the first of its kind service in Nepal.


The extent of service that mobile technology can provide is vast and there are many areas, which are yet to be identified and exploited. This industry is lucrative and is getting bigger each day in the urbanized sector with dynamic applications that enhance the knowledge level of youth, update them with information from every possible source like business, politics, law, culture. This technology is spreading everywhere with the air. The unheard voices of women, children and the poor who have been victim at some point of time get the chance to communicate and get help. Mobile technology is a salient revolution medium. In the area of health, many HIV positive people have been provided with support, counseling. Generating information from this source has been a lot more easily and than any other approach. There has been a substantial improvement in the area of health with the help of SMS awareness among people. The awkwardness in direct expression has found a solution with texting. Many times, there is flow of information and help to a group of people. Among them there are many who never needed those information. The target groups are difficult to identify in some cases. Pull SMS are thus better in case where the information is to be conveys to people who need it. With this method, it is even easy to collect data and identify different groups. A leap has been taken in the improvement and bringing the whole world together as it unites and connects people that was not possible earlier. The deaf and dumb people are encouraged to SMS to foster communication. The drug addicts and their families are given counseling to over come the problem and trauma. On a deeper look, people who have been in emotional ordeal also need a support. The support here is only interaction and communication. Different groups need to be support in special ways. The best source to communicate and express is now here. All there needs to be is creativity and the urge to do something for someone that can help the global citizen to make it a better place.


Aadish Shrestha

FOCUSONE Nepal Pvt. Ltd.

Jawalakhel – 13, Lalitpur

Kathmandu, Nepal



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