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WikifyIndia is a wiki of government procedures in India. is a freely accessible website that puts the power of information in the hands of the common man. It applies a model that works fairly well (Wikipedia) to something that is fairly broken (governance at the grassroots level). WikifyIndia is the Doer’s Encyclopedia. Agents and middlemen distort information to suit them. Officials are rarely friendly. The best solution has always been to ask someone who has been through the grind. WikifyIndia does it on a national level. The site aims to make interactions with the government faster, less expensive and less prone to corruption by providing complete and accurate information on procedures & collating experiences (wisdom of the crowds). When knowledge resides collectively among people, wikis are the best way to collect, organize and distribute that knowledge for free. WikifyIndia is a call to the government to make governance more participative and transparent, like a Wiki site. It is also a call to the common man to contribute, organise and benefit from the collective wisdom amongst all of us. WikifyIndia is a not-for-profit initiative, free of advertising and run by volunteers..

What do we deliver?

1 Free actionable information that describes the procedure to be followed while availing a government service (includes eligibility, procedure, documents, fees, timings, forms, sample certificates, etc.) 2 Aggregation of people experiences to enable WikifyIndia users to better understand nuances and learn from other interactions with the government (wisdom of the crowds) 3 Avoid or lessen the possibility of paying bribes Planned services to be rolled out in the next 1-3 years Information to be available in regional languages • Information to be mobile friendly If a government department agrees, information to be provided in well designed multi lingual posters at the government office.

Whom we deliver?

Individuals availing state or central government services.

How is the project unique?

To the best of our knowledge, this is the only such site in the world using wiki technology to simplify government-citizen interaction.


Our vision is that complete and accurate government procedural information be available in one own language free for all to use. This would crash the notoriously high transaction costs of bureaucracy.


Sohel Bohra
Safe Colony, Block 30, Uday Baug Road, Pune, Maharashtra 411013
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