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Description is India’s first portal dedicated to Bundelkhand region of India. Main focus area of the portal includes – ICT for masses, News Aggregation, Bringing Social Issues to the World, and Social Media Campaigning. It has more than 300 registered members and gets around 20000 hits per month.

What we deliver

We deliver and bring out regional news, social issues, ICT issues to the whole world. One of the main consumers of this portal is International Audience who is interested in Bundelkhand region in any manner.

Why is the project unique?

We think this initiative was unique and still holds the need in the online world. E.g. we collected various photos of Rock Paintings of the region which were never seen by the world. Some of Rock paintings are as old as pre-historical era. we are also helping NGO for their online efforts and free Advertising.


I think we can use Open Source Free Software to expand ICT reach rapidly; since the entry barrier is very low compared to proprietary software; anybody can Initiate his/her vision with much lower costs. Internet is just one of the medium to reach the masses. Government has to understand that ICT for masses can be achieved only with proper execution and people behind it. I am glad UID card project is given to someone who can really execute it well: Mr. Nandan Nilekani. We need more and more people like Mr. Nilekani and not just funds and plans for ICT.


Rahul Gupta

Kalinjar Technologies

5/119 GF, Nirankari Colony; New Delhi

New Delhi, India


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