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Yalu Chat is an Anonymous SMS Chat service. It’ll finds a partner for the user and allow him to chat as long as they wanted. This only cost Rs. 30/= per month and available on Etisalat.

What do we deliver?

Yalu Chat is an SMS Chat on Etisalat Sri Lanka Mobile Network It connect two random users to chat using SMS It’s totally anonymous. Yalu can be very useful when someone get bored or lonely Yalu can be used to express their feelings to other without worrying too much because its anonymous Finally Its cost effective and can send unlimited amount of SMS at anywhere anytime.

Whom we deliver?

Youth Generation who is on Etisalat Sri Lanka Mobile Network.

How is the project unique?

Chaatting is not unique and even anonymous chatting. But the way how yalu present it is the unique. When you need to connect with an partner users has to send ” yl hi”. When an user connected with another both of them get notified. Sometime times later they can send “bye” and exit. It’s very natural to the user. And the guided hint given by the Yalu is the key innovation for it. Once an user registered, yalu will guide him to chat and the other functionalities of the Yalu.


Value Addition • Add Games to Yalu Chat (play while chatting) • Competitions users can play and win rewards Reach Out • Expand to other Mobile Networks • Skype/GTalk based Yalu Chat • Web Based Yalu Chat..


Yalu Chat
Arunoda Susiripala
388 c1, Kudagodagama Kosgoda Sri Lanka 100000
URL/Website –

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