What we do

  • Recognize & position the ICT for development Projects across south Asia
  • Promote sharing between Knowledge Producer and the Knowledge Consumer for development
  • Promoting Replication of Idea over Reinvention
  • Provide an Exposure & Discussion platform to the Grassroot projects
  • Provide an enriched online repository for interested Users
  • Work as a channel between Project developers & expertise of same & different domain
Benefits for Users-Benefits


  • The scope of activities for DKC will be focus on management (archiving and retrieval) of knowledgebase on relevant digital content, on various formats so that it becomes more usable to citizens, practitioners and policy makers. For instance, if a film is created on available vocational education services, it will also attempt to provide information like, availability of various schemes for such services to the citizen, government and NGOs providing support in this regard etc.
  • Mobile phone system has a high penetration among masses. Moving forward, mobile-based content is going to have very large user base.  The digital content for the DKC will be designed in a manner so that people can receive them on mobiles, as far as possible. Which means enabling many information which can be subscribed or delivered through SMS or toll free mobile call center based information provisioning.
  •  The content of the DKC will try to capture to the maximum success stories as well as it would cover the information about projects, which were good at the start but due to various unavoidable reasons and circumstances failed to sustain themselves, henceforth ceased to exist.
  • The content of the DKC will have a database indexed category-wise.  Further, in case of a film, it will have a quick snapshot of 30 seconds (like a spot film) or in case of content in other formats, an executive summary sort of, which would enable the viewer / reader to make a choice to view / read further on a particular content.  The content will also have cross references with the related content and the appropriate services for such cross references could be made available.
  •  The content will be designed keeping in mind villager’s interest like- themes relevant for rural areas.   It will not be text-heavy as majority of the rural viewers may comprise of illiterate population.  For such community content projects content will have primarily audio visual component.
  • The content will be relevant for citizens’ at large, Community-based Organisations like SHGs and practitioners.
  • The repository / retrieval system will be development in such a manner so that it can form a linkage with the DIT programme of Common Services Centre.  A web-based service will be envisaged for this purpose to have the access to the repository and retrieval purpose.
  • Knowledge / information base for the DKC will include health, education, financial inclusion, RTI and other public services which may be needed by the citizen at large.

In line to our vision, we collect the data through different sources & allow the users to upload their projects/initiatives to share with others. We work towards analyzing & building Replicable model so that for any visitor or user Digital Knowledge Centre can prove to be a Discovering Experience.