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To Start with….

bulletDigital Knowledge Center is free and open to

  • ICT practitioners, promoters and researchers
  • Government and Non-Government Institutions
  • Policy makers and implementers
  • ICT for Development organisations

bulletThis portal invites the people belongs to different domain across the world to share their innovative ideas.

bulletAny user shall upload & update their project using this platform. Any new user is required to login to upload & share any information.

bulletThe project which should be uploaded on the portal shall be in active/operational stage. Replicable ideas shall be preferable.

bulletProjects shall be submitted with a proper project Definition & in the pre-described format available on the portal, however additional documents, presentation, videos shall be submitted to the email ID:

bulletAll the required fields are to be filled, failing which the project would not be approved to be uploaded as a listed project under DKC.

bulletInformation and statics provided should be genuine; information contrary to fact would lead to disqualification of the project & user ID shall be blocked/discard.

bulletProjects should be effective and based on Information & Communication Technology for Development.

bulletProject uploaded by any user shall be visible on the website only after the validation of the information through Research Team.

bulletAny updated information in the project shall be displayed within 24 hours on working days.

bulletUsers are requested to update their Project development status regularly on the website so that the relevant information shall reach the other users.