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Activity based information at right time is the key to enhanced agriculture production. Agri based information received from Doordarshan or Radio is generally not recorded by the farmers but SMS on mobile has facilitated this job and has increased the approach of farmers to information. Farmers not only use the information but also share it with others. Feedback being received from the farmers itself proves the utility of the service.

What we deliver

Farmers of M.P. is the target group for this service. They are provided with regular SMS on seasonal topics related to Agriculture practices. Content of SMS is kept precise and need based. Timely information and advice on current Agriculture activities is the key of success of this service.

 Whom we deliver

Farmers, Agriculture officers, Agriculture Scientist and other Agri business professional.

 Why is the project unique?

Our project is unique because – 1. Huge impact : farmers receiving messages are increasing their production through change in their ideas, skill and attitude. 2. Reach : whole M.P. Over 4.50 lakhs message has been delivered. The number of beneficiaries are increasing day by day. 3. Use local language : SMS in Hindi has created interest of farmers in learning more about the device and about new agricultural technology. 4. Cost & time saving : farmers are receiving useful agriculture information free of cost. This is also proving a low cost mechanism for the government to contact & update the beneficiaries or farmers.


Mobile phones are now an inseparable device in the day to day life. These are being used for social, professional, informational, commercial entertainment or other such purposes. With the increase in the applications or services on the mobile phone, we may now consider it as a basic need of human beings. This is very true that an idea can change your life. Mobiles have facilitated the people to stay connected. In India above 70 percent of the population is from rural areas. There is also a problem of literacy and poverty. Although mobile applications or usage is now so simple that even an illiterate can use it with ease. Prices of basic mobile handsets is also going down. These developments have made mobile a very common and affordable device for everyone. With the fast moving world, mobile device offers speed and approach. It is the device to save number of databases and access it as and when required. This device is an useful as Personal Assistant. There is now high time to increase the application or mobile based services for masses. This is more particularly useful and essential where approach is difficult. In such areas services like banking, animal husbandry, agriculture, medical facility etc. is still lacking. An advisory and informational service through mobile phones in far flung un-approached areas is must. This may address the real need of crores of persons and may feel the mobile devices for masses.


Shri S. S. Thakur, Additional Director (IT)

Directorate of farmer Welfare & Agriculture Development

IInd Floor, Vindhyachal Bhavan, Arera Hills

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India



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