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BBC Janala uses mobile technology to enable millions of people to learn English in a simple and affordable way. At a cost of just 50 paisa (half a pence) per minute, BBC Janala provides daily three minute audio lessons to the people who want to improve their English language skills in order to get a better job and access to the global economy. Mobile phone users of Bangladesh can dial the short code 3000 to access the mobile IVR service. The service targets Bangladeshis living on less than £2 a day. BBC Janala is part of English in Action, a major initiative launched to raise the language skills of 25 million people in Bangladesh by 2017, funded by the UK’s Department for International Development. The English lessons accessible through mobile phones are also available through audio lessons in website, WAP site, CD-ROMs and printed lessons in a leading National daily.

 What we deliver

List of deliverables: • Mobile: 3 minute audio lessons to teach English language skills everyday under different categories. Approximately 330 lessons have been published over a period of 12 months and lessons are recycled periodically • Print: printed lessons to teach English language skills every Saturday, Monday and Wednesday • CDROM: series of lessons are available in CDROMs nationwide for a 40% discounted price. 65,000 copies of CDROM have been sold out in 5.5 months

 Whom we deliver

The current users of the service are: • 87.9% male, 12.1 female. • 80.5% from age ranging 15-25. • 40.2% from rural areas. Source: BBC WST Midline survey, 2011.

 Why is the project unique?

The project is first of its kind in the world. It aims to provide high quality English learning tools using mobile, television, internet and other communications media to millions of people, many of whom live on less than £2 a day.


Charlotte Imbert, Country Director

BBC World Service Trust

IK Tower (7th floor) CEN (A) 2, Gulshan North Avenue, Gulshan-2

Dhaka, Bangladesh  1212

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