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We produce six magazines in six departments, highlighting specific needs of our loyal readers. magazines are published online throughout the year, this can be viewed free through a mobile device Nourished by the gratitude of its benefactors and powered by the reach of social networking, this community has produced a wide variety of high-quality articles, resources and tools, available to everybody. Every single contribution supports the entire community, and the community supports these contributors with traffic and word-of-mouth advertising: the networking effect at its best.

What we deliver

6 free online Magazines Designed in the field of Wedding,Fashion,Health,food,kids and tourism. you can see large collection of pdf magazines.

Whom we deliver

Sri Lankan site users and global users

Why is the project unique?

Books are realistic in 3d holding multimedia, easy searchable directory gallery for each category,


amount of of mobile devices are increasing day by day there by increasing there covering area enabling more people to use mobile devices and there services connecting people to there relationships, breaking/sharing cultural barriers. Anytime in any place mobile devices can be used for there purposes.because mobile devices come in different types all levels of society are using mobile devices, thereby using mobile will allow us to spread a message. innovative uses of mobile technology in areas as diverse as poverty alleviation, providing health diagnosis, improving elections, reuniting families after a natural disaster, advocacy and fundraising, mobile journalism or human rights reporting, and more can be done. maintaining a mobile Directory on a website, which is a comprehensive database of information on projects, programs and mobile tech tools for social change can be a great help.


Suranga Hatangala

No: 362/12, Demetagoda Road, Colombo 09, Sri Lanka.

Colombo, Sri Lanka



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