Fusion ( Voice-SMS Combo)

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The application uses voice and SMS bearer channels as delivery medium for the patient to feel comfortable accessing the services. The voice calls are automated so as to make the patient feel more comfortable accessing the information. Manual call connection only happens on request. Some of the features in the application are:
a. Product information
b. Request for Home Delivery
c. Refer your friend
d. Payment related information
e. Contact details
f. On Demand Connect to Sales Representative
g. Feedback module for existing user
h. Testimonial
i. App is profiled based on Existing and new user
j. Talk to representative on request.
Some of the Benefits of the application are
a. New channel to reach patients suffering from Sexual Disorders.
b. Exceptional User experience delivery while maintaining Privacy of the user.
c. Effective lead generation.

What we deliver?

Easy personalized information dissemination (right on mobile phone of the patient) without revealing the identity of the patient. This Project addresses the privacy needs of patients suffering from Sexual Dysfunction. Target Group: People Suffering from Sexual Disorders.

Why is the project unique?

This Project addresses the privacy needs of patients suffering from Sexual Dysfunction. Patients can directly send an SMS “VAC” to 53030 to receive an interactive bypassing the brick and mortar pharmaceutical stores, where such patients would be reluctant to talk about their problems. This helps the patients to avoid visiting the pharmaceuticals regularly and helps them in directly getting connected to the right source .


Gaurab Das
One97 Communications Ltd
B-121,Sector 5,Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh – 201301, India.

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