Integrated Disease Surveillance Project

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Timely information about field level health events is vital to take timely control measures to curtail the deadly communicable diseases, before the reach epidemic proportions. Sofar in the country, the average travelling time of any health event used to be several weeks. Infact a few seconds and minutes are sufficient for the virus of the diseases to spread, through natural ways of air, water and artificial ways ( railways, roadways airwarys etc.,) To ensure , early detection, and early warning and alerting an SMS based disease surveillance system has been designed and developed by NIC Andhra Pradesh , which was successfully piloted and rolled out in the entire state by the Director of Health, Health Medical and Family Welfare Department, Govt of Andhra Pradesh. The efficacy of the system has been evaluated by the Public Health Foundation of India, and found that the system is replicable and scalable across the country.

What we deliver?

Early warnings through sms. Dos and Do’nts to the public to prevent diseases in local languages. Exceptional and regular reports through Internet. Automatic- Alerts about diseases outbreaks with cluster approach to all the stakeholders. ( Field level health workers, doctors of PHCs, CHCs, Area Hospitals, and tertiary care hospitals etc.,

Why is the project unique?

Project is unique. Ensuring integrated diseases survillance so far in India happened with paper based reports upto district level and electronic reporting from district to state and central. The sms based reporting has eliminated multi-tiers. Reduced redundancies, increased speed and accuracy, saved precious resources. Never disease surveillance happened w on realtime basis in India, this project facilitated surveillance on near real-time basis monitoring which is vital and essential.


National Informatics Centre
NIC, APSC, GISTNIC Division, 8th Floor, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – 500063, India.

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