Learning-bricks, alphabets and numbers iPad/ iPhone Learning Blocks for the Alphabet (A-Z)

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Counting from one to twelve and alphabets A to Z In MyBricks each number/alphabet is divided into three parts and be assembled again. With the fingers, the individual blocks are moved around the screen and another set. If all three parts stacked properly, the entire number/alphabet shows with a matching image. After a hearty praise, the number/alphabet read out and the picture becomes a little animation. If a section in the wrong position taken, it can not sit there. It jumps back into place by itself. The available range of six stones can be tried until the desired number has been assembled correctly. New game? IPhone or iPod just shake! The puzzle can be played in two difficulty levels: the number/alphabet on the first, lighter stage are mastered, it automatically activates the second stage – right here waiting for the next challenge for small number of experts! Two built-in apps offer more numbers-learning fun: in InApp MyBricks number/alphabet, the screen on notebook and painting figures in MyBricks of images waiting for creative painters. Both InApps can be played for free in advance! – For preschool and early school – For the first learning numbers and number sequences – Two levels in one App – Improves concentration, creativity and fine motor skills – Learn and Play – Developed by educators – Additional information about the app on the Web site Terzio.

What we deliver?

The amazing ability to network globally, collaborate and the availability of third party applications and tools on smart phones has enabled a never before access to knowledge resources for users across age groups – from kindergarten children to adult learners. Learning for toddlers must be fun and easy. Learning Blocks (Lego Blocks) has always been an easy and fun way to learn. The combination of classic game blocks with educational content & technology to create an innovative learning method is the finding of the modern Preschool Education system.

Why is the project unique?

The mobile solution that has been designed and developed is an application that will teach users in the age group of 3-8 years to learn alphabets. The application allows the users to learn the alphabets in 3 ways: • Build -Solving puzzles (Legos) – two levels of complexity • Writing alphabets – two levels of complexity • Painting alphabets The application allows the user to login to their iphone/ iPod device and choose any of the above 3 ways to learn the alphabets. The user can also save, e-mail and reset the application. This allows the user to share their work with their peer group, parents, etc. This application builds upon the traditional tools available to children to learn the alphabet without compromising on the learning. The Build application is completely open for the user for all the alphabets A-Z. On three connecting bricks there is a print of a picture, an initial sound and the corresponding word. If the bricks are assembled correctly, the word is completed. Write and paint have only 2 alphabets open for the user. However, the user can purchase from the app store the remaining alphabets and use them. A nifty feature of the iphone is the shake feature and we have used this to design a solution that allows the user to shuffle alphabets. This makes the user experience more immersive. To keep the app engaging and to ensure continual learning we plan to have regular updates to the paint section, by adding new galleries like Christmas, Animals, Sports etc, The application also allows for reinforcement of learning by allowing the user to practice the alphabets again and again just like they would if they were using physical Legos, pens, crayons and paper, etc.


Hitesh Jain
Maharashtra, India

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