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Hazel Media, a technology startup based in Delhi, has developed a mobile technology framework that bridges the language barrier for masses by bringing vernacular languages applications to lowcost mobile devices. mPustak is the name given to the group of mobile applications launched by Hazel Media using this technology. mPustak’s growing collection of applications in Hindi, Marathi, and other Indian languages display the native languages even on low-cost phones that do not supports fonts or Unicode. The first few applications that have been launched are towards mobile-learning for young audience and adults, with several more due to come. The company is working towards creating a vernacular language applications ecosystem with no entry barrier. The company plans to work with Content Providers and Content Owners, and other development companies to help them reach out to the masses.

What we deliver

Hazel Media ‘s technology is used to deliver Content to audiences in Indian languages (Hindi, Marathi, and others), even on low-cost phones not supporting Unicode and Indian language fonts. Deliverables: 1. mobile-learning (Education) apps 2. News and Information apps 3. Data Collection apps 4. Sports and Entertainment apps 5. Daily utility apps 6. Game-based activity apps

Whom we deliver

As of 14th April 2011, there have around than 1.6 lakh downloads of mPustak applications via various application stores and also via direct downloads.

Why is the project unique?

There have been several efforts in the past by organizations to introduce vernacular languages in mobile applications, with varying degrees of success. However, the approaches utilized in these efforts have been either technologically challenged, or were not able to cover low-cost devices, or were too cumbersome for development of applications. How is our project unique: At Hazel Media, we have realized the importance of ‘time’ and ‘support for low-cost devices’ in development of vernacular language applications, and hence focused on an architecture that would (1) enable rapid development of such applications, (2) would be modular so that Hazel Media can license the technology easily to other development organizations, and (3) would be able to support as many devices as possible based upon hardware capabilities, even the ultra low-cost ones.


Our vision is to break down the language barriers in sharing of information, news, and technology. The technology world has delved a lot on progressive development, but inclusive development still requires a lot of focus and momentum. Mobile devices are perfect for reaching out to masses, and we believe that software on these devices, once made accessible in vernacular languages, will make global development accelerate faster than ever.


Manish Malik

Hazel Media Private Limited

AD/113-D, Third Floor, Shalimar Bagh

Delhi, India






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