Students Health Information Tracking System (SWHITS)

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Andhra Pradesh Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society(APSWREIS) has 353 residential educational institutions with a total student strength of 1.54 lakh, funded by the State Government and administered by an IAS officer. The health information of the students on a daily basis, especially the outgoing students like S.S.C. students, final inter and final year degree students, was also mandated to be monitored. Manual methods have proven the task strenuous, expensive and not always yielding the expected results. Hence an ICT and mobile driven application “Students Health Information Tracking System(SWHITS)” is developed. The Principals/Medical Officers of the residential schools which are often located in remote areas send daily status of the general health of children (including cases requiring minimum treatment) as an SMS to the centralized office. A simple software (J2ME application) using templates to furnish these basic details is installed and used on the mobile phones of the school authorities to simplify the process of sending the SMS. MIS reports are developed in various formats including tabular, graphical charts and Google maps. The administrator is alerted with a blinking signal on the Google map when an institution reports more than 10 pupils suffering from a single category of disease. Another facility integrated in the application shows the direction on the Google map from an institution to the nearest Primary Health Centre (PHC). The innovation here in the project is the use of widely accessed form of simple technology, in bridging the gap of information between the administration and the grass root level institutions.

What we deliver?

By using this application, the concerned officers can monitor the health details and attendance of students on regular basis. In addition they can send email and SMS alerts to particular institutions to take appropriate measures.

Why is the project unique?

The project is unique in its own way of accepting information from the clients and also in delivering spontaneous information to the concerned officers on mobile. Well known google maps were integrated for displaying locations of institutions and nearest hospital routes and also send daily alerts through SMS and email to concerned persons.


Mr. Dakshina Murthy K.
Centre for Good Governance
Road No. 25, (Dr. MCR HRD Institute of A.P. Campus), Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh – 500033, India.

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