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The Better India is a media website that focuses on spreading positive news in India. Its aim is to publish stories of lesser known individuals and organizations who are working relentlessly to bring about a change in any field, (be it development, technology, arts, environment) and improve conditions around them. We seek to reduce the impact of sensational news carried by mainstream media and try to instill hope in people. One of our main goals is also to help connect volunteers with NGOs, fundraisers with funds and small organizations with resources. Spreading awareness of initiatives taken by these organizations help them gain recognition and reach out in a way that was inaccessible to them earlier. The Better India also posts information about jobs and events related to organizations in order to help garner resources. It acts as an online voice for all small to medium organizations who cannot afford to set up their own channel of public relations and contact thousands of people to inform them of their necessities and achievements. In three years of existence and through hundreds of articles we have reached out to thousands of people and helped them realize that there is a better India.

What do we deliver?

We provide: a) Positive news across India across various sectors including arts, culture, social development, education, healthcare, rural development, community initiatives and so on b) A free job board that showcases career opportunities in organizations making an impact c) A forum that allows readers and organizations to talk about their ideas, their upcoming events Overall, a platform for anyone who has the potential to make a positive impact.

Whom we deliver?

Our website gets a diverse range of readers spanning across the Internet population of India and other countries. To name a few, we get readers who are passionate about social change, NGOs, rural initiatives, educational institutions, government organizations, for-profit organizations who are socially conscious, social entrepreneurs, organizations involved with the propagation of Indian art and culture the list is quite exhaustive.

How is the project unique?

The Better India is a one-of-its-kind news website which is focused solely on positive news from across the country. It is the only initiative which sources content from citizen journalists and freelance writers contributing from all regions, and tries to bring to limelight the various small, unknown organizations and unsung heroes who are working hard to bring about a change in the lives around them.


The Better India wishes to establish itself as an alternative news media with far-reaching and life-changing consequences. We wish to reach out to every Indian and tell them about the positive changes that are being brought about by people in their country. We wish to instill hope and encourage people to go out and make their contributions as well. We want people to know that it is possible to work in your own capacity and impact some section of society in some good way. We envision a time when every citizen of India will be aware that there are a lot of people working for the common good and while there are evils like corruption and poverty to be rooted out, it is not an impossible task. Specific roadmap includes having a larger pool of journalists on board, increased marketing activities to broaden our reach and growing a sales team to increase advertising revenues which will help us sustain and scale up.


The Better India
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