FarmERP Mobile – Grapes Pesticide Selector & MRL values

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FarmERP Mobile Grapes Pesticide Selector & Grapes MRL Value are two mobile based interactive utilities, which supports farmer decisions related to pest and disease management for Grapes. For farmers who export their fresh produce to European countries, it is mandatory to get food safety certifications and follow the strict guidelines on permissible pesticide residues on the produce. National Research Center for Grapes, Pune recommends agrochemicals on various pest and diseases on Grapes and permissible pesticide residue limits (MRL values) along with Pre Harvest Interval for every year. Our utilities presents this information, in a form of interactive and user friendly mobile content. Farmers can carry this information in the field and search very quickly to retrieve agrochemical name and dose details based on pest or disease. Application is extremely simple to install and use. Many Grape farmers are have used this for recent Grape season. The details and instructions to use are as follows, Grapes Pesticide Selector This interactive utility provides information about agrochemical dose recommended by National Research Center for Grapes for use in season 2008-2009. It lists out pests or diseases for Grapes, once you select a pest or disease, you can see a list of recommended agrochemicals. And by selecting a particular agrochemical, the utility displays recommended dose. This information will be extremely useful while carrying out agrochemical spraying activities in your farm. It will support your critical on-farm decisions Instructions to use : 1. Launch “Grapes Pesticide Selector” in your mobile handset. 2. Select the Pest or Disease name 3. It shows list of recommended agrochemicals. 4. Select any agrochemical. 5. It shows recommended dose for selected agrochemical. Grapes MRL Value This utility indicates accurate MRL value and PHI (days) for all kinds of agrochemicals recommended by NRC Grapes for use in season 2008-2009. It is simple to use and you have a quick and handy access to this information even while working in the farm. Instructions to use : 1. Launch “Grapes MRL Value” in your mobile handset. 2. Select the Agrochemical name. 3. It shows MRL value and PHI (days) for the selected agrochemical.

What we deliver?

We deliver interactive content in ready to use form. Based on the user selection, information is displayed.

Why is the project unique?

The innovativeness lies in the way this utility presents the information. It’s interactive and user selects the option eg. Pest or disease to start with. List of chemicals to be spread on this pest or disease is then displayed. User then selects specific chemical to view its standard dose. Farmers are using this utility, instead of carrying papers along with them in the field.


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