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Mr. M.J. Prabu writes for the weekly Farmers Note Book column which appears every Thursday in the Science Technology and Agriculture page. This is very popular not only among the farmers but also among the professionals and the general readers. (see feedback basket on top of the main page). The Farmers Note Book column is nearly 47 years old and deals with success stories of farmers, their problems and on low cost technologies developed by them. The most unique feature of the column is that it gives the address, phone number and mobile number at the end of each article which enables the readers to get in touch with the farmer directly. Mr. Prabu is credited with demystifying the technicalities of agriculture which makes his stories easily intelligible to the common reader in dealing with a variety of experiences ranging from organic farming, farm mahcinaries, small agro-processing, integrated pest management, environment-friendly methods such as crop protection with locally produced compounds from plants and trees and grass root innovators. Currently, The Business Line (yet another daily from the House of Hindu)has invited him to make regular contribution on agriculture in an innovative format for its column Racy cases. Website
( Mr. Prabu is also involved in the New Media, another online publication of The Hindu in writing and podcasting the Farmers Note Book. The podcast is presenly done in Tamil (a local Indian language) andEnglish. The podcast is being hosted in both Businessline and The Hindu websites. The Hindu link: (takes you to the agri online page which comes under science&technology coloumn For Businessline podcast of the same link is
(Link: Recently video clippings of the farmers have also been hosted in the podcast and it has been very well received. (link: Sample of a feedback published in a blog by a reader on the audio podcast is available at ( Mr. Prabu has also been regularly delivering talks on sustainable agriculture at different schools in an attempt to create awareness among the student community on the importance of agriculture and the need for preserving the biodiversity. The weekly column Farmers Note Book can also be read online at

What we deliver

stories on farmers, his problems, his success, governmnts attitude and everything under agri related field to make the farmer aware

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How is the project unique?

at the end of each story we give the complete address and phone nos this enables readers and other interested to call the person back. WE have records of farmers telling us that they have received nearly 4000 phone calls for their stories published.
to cover more areas travel more and sharpen my writings still further


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