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Games club having gaming catalogue with a wrapper, which is flexible enough to interact with subscription manager via WAP and/or SMS or both and let the user to enjoy playing whole catalogue for free within the subscription period. – Technology: – Microsoft .Net 2005, SQL Server 2008, XML, Web Services, SOAP. – Feature List : o WAP Service gives choice with different price point. o Searching of any game from the catalogue o Category wise segregation of the whole catalogue. o No charging on games downloads from the whole catalogue. o Each game has wrapper with subscription check and subscription options if user is not subscribed. o Wrapper is flexible enough to do server interactions via WAP and/or SMS or both. o Wrapper can include ad at the beginning or end of the game session. o – Hosting o Games club currently has 1 million plus users, with just more than 20% usage in terms of game plays i.e. 2 Lakh game plays a day. o It is designed such that it can be scaled upto atleast 3 times the current usage. o The product, which is currently live only on select operators currently, with the service going live on other operators, its maximum potential can be realized.

What we deliver

300+ Branded & Non-Branded Mobile games – Covering more than 2000 handsets. – Genres:- o Action o Adventure o Arcade o Racing o Cricket o Sports o Movies o Bollywood o Strategy o Casino o Puzzle o Fun o Casual

Whom we deliver

More than 7 Lakhs users are using the service.

Why is the project unique?

Games Club is an easy to use service, with good interactivity. Based on the observed trends of which games a user is downloading, recommendations are displayed to the user. For eg. A user downloading & playing racing games is recommended top played racing games, in addition to new games released. This helps achieve the objective of increasing mobile gaming penetration. Daily news content alerts keep the users hooked on the service & increase usage.


Ujwal Mitra

Nazara Technologies Pvt Ltd

601, Dalamal House, Nariman Point

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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