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GreCo is ultra Low Power computing device with the following main specifications: a. <5 watt (5DC) b. NO moving parts and thus hardly any maintenance; c. Embedded open source based O/S thus no virus; d. O/S free to customer; (No piracy or too costly O/S) e. Office tools embedded and free to customer; f. Important applications (e-mail & Chat client, Photo viewer, Video player) embedded and free to customer; g. Small and goes into shirt pocket (weighs around 100 gms); h. CONNECTABLE TO CRT TV or any other display device; i. Internet neutral connectable to GPRS to 4G; j. Can run on 30 watt solar panel; when connected to 1512VD LCD panel, 30 watt solar panel gives few hrs after sunset back-up. k. Can be used for Internet manageable Digital Signage hardware (now a CPU or a big box is attached and CDs need to change whenever display is to be changed).

What do we deliver?

Ultra Lower Power & Low Cost computing device that can be connected to CRT TV (150 million CRT TVs in India at the end of 2010) where on the average two students reside making it available to 300 million students. Where power is not available, all India rural areas there can be a computer even if they afford one. With GreCo and 1512VDC LCD and 30 watt solar power system, we take computers to every nook and corner of India and all developing countries.

Whom we deliver?

Tata Consultancy Services; Indian Consumer electronics MNC; Co-operative Bank with 350 branches; Negotiating with many African government sponsored parties for ICT including e-edcuation.

How is the project unique?

Such Innovation that helps haven is in market for the first time. The potential of GreCo is universal and serves all the poor. The immense potential created for the first time makes it UNIQUE.


Reach maximum population with GreCo; Bring out high-end product to meet extensive computer users; Get maximum applications under open source that meet common man requirements; 10 Tablet with solar power, e-content.


elLoka Techsolutions Pvt. Ltd.
Lt. Col. K. A. Padmanabham, retd.
C-9/2, Sainikpuri SECUNDERABAD A.P. – 500094
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