Indian Language Framework for Digital Devices

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With the explosive growth of mobile phones in India, availability of Indian languages has become an important need to address the diverse multi-lingual nature of India. Regional language contents on mobile phones are beginning to metaphor into mainstream channel of text content consumption, very much like the print media. Mobile phone is fast transforming itself into a medium much beyond making and receiving calls. In addition to entertainment and value added services, mobile phone is becoming the de-facto device of choice for many utility services for Indian masses. However, the availability and usability of regional language on mobile devices leaves a lot to be desired. The 1st challenge is the inability to clearly and legibly display complex Indic scripts on mobile phones of different screen sizes and resolutions. The second challenge is the inability to build interactivity in Indian languages. The 3rd challenge is inability to digitize and handle contents in various languages for transmission through mobile phones. The combination of above challenges deprives the Indian users of receiving text contents and interacting in their mother tongue. This is where our innovation of a multi-lingual framework helps that provides a end-to-end capability of display, interactivity and content handling.

What we deliver?

We provide multi-lingual framework for mobile devices and applications that works as an enabler to reach the masses in India in their language of choice. We achieve this by ensuring that the framework could be deployed on any kind of content/service.

Why is the project unique?

Yes, our project is unique. Our uniqueness stems from the fact that our technology can help 90% of India’s non- English literate population can experience the same level of user experience that the English literate users have experienced so far. India is a very unique market for mobile phones in the sense that mobile as a medium has leapfrogged all other digital media (like PC) in reaching out to the masses. While this explosive growth of mobile continues to influence and broaden the scope of usage much beyond talking, the medium of language plays a very important role in breaking the barrier for mass scale usability. We bridge that language barrier for anybody trying to reach these 90% regional masses and thus we are unique.


Reverie Language Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Arvind Pani
Karnataka India

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