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Eye candy graphics of Jab We SMS has similar look as Messages option of any mobile. Key features of application are:- 1. Long SMS Support – It breaks the bars of 160 characters as it has no SMS character limitations. 2. Lingual SMS – User can not only receive lingual SMS, but can forward to others having this application. 3. Language Support: It enables languages display on devices, whether device has language support or not. 4. Fast – Menu driven application faster than any other SMS service. 5. Easy – No need to remember any keywords (JOKE, CRIC etc.) or any short codes (53434). 6. Small Foot Print– It works well on lower end devices. 7. No Message Storage Limitation – It is a thin client and does not save anything on persistent storage of device. It stores all received & sent SMS on server. 8. Message Forwarding – User can get SMS & can forward it the friends.

What we deliver?

We deliver variety of SMS based content in Hindi to all SMS fans covering categories like Romance, Friendship, News, Astro, Jokes, Sports, Devotional, and Festival etc. Users can get SMS quickly by clicking any category and also forward SMS to their friends.

Why is the project unique?

YES, Jab We SMS is a unique innovation because: 1. It supports long SMS. 2. Indian Language support on mobile. 3. Variety of SMS all at one place. 4. Faster than any other SMS service. 5. Avoid keywords/short codes. 6. Overcome Message Storage Limitation. 7. Message forwarding facility. 8. All GSM/CDMA mobile devices support.

Contact (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Babita Jain
Madhya Pradesh India

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