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In MOBI MIND STAR you have to answer the given questions within a time allocated for a set of questions. You will get 20 minutes to answer. Player who exceeded this time limit was forced to walk away with any prize relevent to the completed round. If at any point the player is unsure of the answer to a question, he or she can use one or more hints. After using hints, player can either answer the question or use another hint. You have two kinds of hints. * Fifty-Fifty (50:50): The player asks the host to randomly eliminate two of the incorrect answer choices, leaving the player with a choice between the correct answer and one incorrect one. *Changing the question: Using this hint you can change the question given to you and get a new randomly selected question.

What we deliver

As a SMS based mobile game, this app entertains the user and at the same time it gives the chance of gaining more knowledge on current issues and general knowledge through the questions given. Answering a set of questions within a given time will help the users to improve their skills on answering multiple choice questions.

Whom we deliver

Customers of Etisalat network

Why is the project unique?

As a SMS based game this is unique as the player has to answer the given questions within a allocated time. The questions are on various areas of general knowledge and as we are updating the questions, there are questions on current affairs of the world in this game. This game provides the facility of using hints while playing the game if user is in need. The most important fact is that user has to answer the questions within time duration. User has the choice of continuing the game to the second round or walk away by completing the first round.


Type MNSSTART and send to 4499 from a Etisalat number and then the player will get the game rules in the first SMS. Next SMS will be the first question. To answer the question just type MNSĀ ANS number and send to 4499. Player can use the hints and to get the details about the hints, type MNSHINT and send to 4499. To get the hints type MNSHINT1 or MNSHINT2. The first five questions should be answered within twenty minutes to enter the next round. If the user needs information about the game, type MNSHELP and send to 4499. We are planning to introduce the IVR version of the mobi Mind Star which will be more user-friendly and entertaining. Currently we are planning to host this app on other networks as well.


Akila Wijethunga

Square Mobile

4/H/1, Madawala road, Polgolla

Kandy, Sri Lanka


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