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Mobile Taxi Finder Application provides new communication channel of Taxi Directory to users, complementing the existing channels (Directory, telephone and etc.). Mobile users will be able to find cabs service details, fare comparing with other cab serveries and find currently available vehicle details using mobile phone. It’s very easy and simple to use. Any cab services can join with this. According to cabs registration result will be display.

This mobile application is developed by Java Micro Edition 1.0. Totally java enabled mobile application. As well as it can use not only java OS mobile device, but also Symbian OS and other java enabled any other mobile device. It’s connecting with a database via java web services. So I had to create a java web application as a support services .As well as users can use it not only mobile, but also online. And vehicle records are scalable. Because of Vehicle data manage by cab’s authorized person. Firstly cab’s authorized person will have to register from online. Then that user can maintain a account under the cab serves name. Finally that person can anytime update and edit vehicle details from online. Vehicles availability status making by cab service authorized person.

What we deliver?

01. Fastest searching facility.
02. Under the very low communication charges rather than other products or service.
03. Easy and quick to use.
04. Use it from anywhere and anytime with low charges.

Why is the project unique?

1. User’s Work flow (How many step to the final result. Final result will be display end of 2nd step in my project.)
2. Data transferring methodology. (GPRS, SMS, MMS, USDD, WAP and etc.)
3. Communication Cost.


Amal Shiwantha Ranainsghe
P.O.Box 22, Blue Water garden, Matale, Central – 21070 , Sri Lanka.
URL/Website –

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